Pollution In Water

Water is liquid of life, as there can be no life without water. Pure water is an animating fluid while pollution in water is a real curse for living beings. Man during course of his civilization has settled in places where plenty of water was available. But with the increase of population and in exploitation of natural resources for his own benefit, he has behaved in a wild manner by creating problem of pollution hazardous not only to quartic life but also to his own life. While western countries have become quite sensitive to this problem, bit eastern countries still continuing, because of irresponsible behavior of their citizens, in rendering water more polluted day by day and the situations is deterioration progressively.
Pollution in water due to poor environment sanitation has been the major cause of diseases like diarrhea, dysentery, typhoid, fever, intestinal heleminths, jaundice, cholera, etc. While he national areas continue to be insanitary, mushroom growth of industries in last 25 years have adversely effected the environmental sanitation of the major parts of earth. Only recently scientists, technocrats and planners have visualized that if this problem in not looked upon meticulously, the very existence of society will be endangered.
Sources of water pollution are countless and most important one of great concern is due
to human activities. Even today, open defecation in the fields and along the drains and water resources is common in world. In big cities , blind passage and road sides are used for defecation by the poor bit common people found in abundance. This creates lot lots of challenge-able health implications. One gram of human fecal matter contains millions of micro-organisms and many of them are pathogenic. Even in class I cities of the world only 26 percent of the population is covered by sanitation. One can easily imagine the height of inefficiency ad the extent of its hazardous effects on human health in so called most advance and civilized cities. Industries are of great concern and industrialization contributing to water pollution has reached the alarming situation. Less then 5 per cent of the industries have provided adequate measure for the treatment of effluents and even of them have neglected this totally.


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